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  • Improved Employee Wellbeing

    ISO 45003 represents a positive step towards employee wellbeing because it expands the traditional workplace focus on physical health and safety to consider the equally important workplace need for psychological health and safety..

  • Better Employee Retention

    Businesses that implement ISO 45003 in the workplace will experience higher rates of employee retention, increased staff performance, an upturn in productivity, and an overall decrease in absenteeism.

  • Enhanced Branding Opportunities

    Achieving ISO 45003 certification will also give your reputation a boost amongst clients, the public, and governing bodies and can be used as part of your recruitment and retention strategy to demonstrate you are taking care of your employees and their mental health. .

  • Develop an Open Culture

    Following ISO 45003 guidance will help to foster a culture of open communication and will facilitate an upfront, honest, and open culture in your workplace where your employees feel empowered enough to speak up about their mental health struggles. .

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