Identifying the documents you need

A Qualitas IMS consultant will visit your organisation to review your existing processes and procedures and work with you to understand where you are in relation to what the relevant ISO Standard states.

The consultant will use their findings to produce a detailed report and the steps you need to take to ensure your achieve certification.

During their time with you they will also produce a Documented Management System which defines your documented information, we will also provide you with templates for you to write this yourself. We will provide you with as much you need.

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    Now it is time to implement those changes, if there are any. Once we’ve undertaken the gap analysis our consultant will issue you with a copy of the report and findings, confirming the discussions and highlighting any non-conformities that need to be addressed to achieve certification.

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    Getting certified

    To gain certification, an accredited auditor will visit your organisation to check that all the required procedures have been into place, and, more importantly that the processes are being followed.

    The auditor will also want to see evidence that any non-conformities that were raised during the gap-analysis have been addressed.

    Should everything in place you will receive your certification.

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    Staying certified

    To maintain your certification, your process and procedures must be checked on an annual basis.

We like to keep things simple and easy to follow, it’s the way we operate. If you would like to know more about our process and our expectations why not get in touch.

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